Bird watching

Crete is an interesting place for bird watching.
Not only because of its special bird of prey, the Griffon Vulture, along with a number of other types of vultures, but also as an important destination for many migrating birds that are passing through.

At the Country Hotel Velani many birds can be spotted right from the terrace, such as the Griffon vultures that glide along the peaks of the mountains.
In spring time you can see the nesting Griffon vultures which make their nests on the rock cliffs, at the beginning of the Rosas gorge.
Other birds of prey to be seen are the Golden Eagle, buzzards, Eleonora’s falcon and smaller eagles.

Aposelemis lake

The hotel offers an incredible view over the Aposelemis Lake and Langada valley. Through the valley runs the Aposelemis river ending in a vast man-made lake. The dam was closed in the winter of 2012 and mostly filled in the winter of 2015. Now it is a 3km long lake. Its attracting different types of birds. In the summer time the island is dry making it an easy place for spotting many different birds.

Birds that visit our hotel are the Hoopoe, wagtails, wood pigeons, crows, swallows and many more.
Just behind the hotel you will find the Natura 2000, a protected area for birds and wildlife. If you walk here at sunset you can spot many different owls; it is amazing how they produce no sound at all while flying over with such a large body but when the night begins they make a typical cry that echoes over the whole valley.

We offer no guide for the bird watching from the hotel.
Groups with their own private guide are very well welcome at the hotel.


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The Griffon vulture during bird watching at Country Hotel Velani.
Spot a golden eagle during bird watching in Crete
Gardeli in the garden of Country Hotel Velani in Crete
Spot a hoopoe during bird watching in Crete at the Country hotel Velani
birds of Pray like the golden eagle during bird watching in Country hotel velani in Crete
Griffon vulture at birdwatching in Crete at Country Hotel Velani
Blue throat at migrating birds watching in Crete
Bee eaters at Bird watching in Crete Greece
Spot a partridge walking around your room at the country hotel Velani in Crete.
Bird watching when birds come drinking in the swimming pool of Country Hotel Velani