Sightseeing tours on Crete

Crete has a rich history and has been influenced by many different nations creating a very special island in the sun. It is a land of extremes with high snowy mountains, busy old towns, friendly people and lonely bays on the coast.

A visit to the island should not go by without visiting some of the ancient sites such as Knossos, a Minoan city of 2000 years ago, considered as the first organized society of Europe.

Other worthy trips in the hotel area are

  • The island of Spinalonga. Visit the island with small fishing boats from Plaka or organized tours from the harbour in Elounda or Agios Nikolaos.
  • The Lassithi Plateau, a fertile plateau in between the tops of the Dikti Mountains known for its windmills whose white sales pump up the water to irrigate the land.
  • Ancient site, the Minoan Palace of Malia.
  • The village of Krasi with a water spring and very large old Platanus tree.
  • Visit the village of Mochos for a drink on its central village square.
  • Or maybe you prefer the traditional village of Amariano, were you will definitely be the only tourist. A perfect place to meet the Cretans in the taverna opposite of the water springs.

With older children you might prefer a visit to the aqua fun park for an exciting day of slides and lazy rivers. Distance 7 km.

Or the Sea aquarium is worth a visit.

Discover the wines of Crete. Taste the delicious wines made from grapes varieties that have been used since Minoan times. Some of those grape varieties are Trapsathiry, filana, vilana, Kotsifali and Mandilari. 

A winery you can visit is the Boutary Winery in the village of Skalani, close to Heraklion.

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Walk to the church of Agia Fotini in Avdou Crete
From the village Plaka in Crete you can take a fishing boat to Spinalonga the lepra island
Visit the mirabello bay on Crete island in Greece
Visit the lepra island Spinalonga in Crete Greece
Winery tours in the village of Skalani, close to Heraklion on Crete
The vertile Lassithi Plateau in between the Dikti Mountains on Crete
knossos palace in Crete a reminder of the Minoan civilization in Greece
Visit the venetian fortress in the harbour of Heraklion on Crete island
The walking and cycling routes are available for free at the Country Hotel in Crete.
Country Hotel Velani is located close to the greek village of Avdou in Crete.