Walking and cycling

Routes in Crete

Love walking in Crete Greece From the Country Hotel Velani you can walk or cycle straight into the  nature of Crete.
The hotel can be used as a base for several walking and cycling routes.

We have several walking routes starting from the hotel, we are happy to show you the way.
These self-guided walks are easy to find and lead you along the beautiful trails of the area. Possible walks are:

  • Church of Agia Foteinie, 8 km round walk, time 2h30min, elevation 350 metres.
    Visit the church of Agia Foteinie; this mysterious little church is hidden at the end of a 20 metre long cave. This walk involves a steep climb followed by a return downhill all on an easy path. To visit the church a torch or lighter is needed.
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  • E4 European walking path to Lassithi Plateau, 10 km one way, 4 hours, elevation 750 meters.
    Our country hotel is located along the European walking path E4 which crosses from West to East over Crete Island.
    Walk along this beautiful stone made trail along the side of the mountain and enjoy the spectacular views as you come out onto the plateau through an entrance not many people see. Support transfer is needed in the end of the walk. Following the Google map route, do not climb over the locked fence of the Sheppard house. Just first walk to the church of Christ (Agiou Georgiou Mesada) and from there walk uphill from the marked point ‘Kastelli Minoa Pediada 70006’. It is here that the Minoan foot path to the Lassithi plateau starts.
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  • Rosas gorge, 20 km round walk, 5 hours, elevation 400 metres.
    Walk up to the beautiful mountain village of Kera through the Rosa Gorge. Make a lunch break in the village of Ano Kera and follow your route down the hill for a stop in the Monastery of Kardiotissis.
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  • Lake Aposelemis, 15km walk, 3 hours, elevation 50 metres.
    Walk through the Langada valley that is still changing due to the man-made dam creating a 3 km long lake. Visit the abondant village of Sfendyli that is slowly submerges under the water level. Or visit the church Agia Eleni that was protected from submerging by building a dam around it.
    This walk is especially interesting for those who like to see the many birds that are attracted by the water ever since the dam was closed in the winter of 2012. In the wet winter of 2015 the valley filled rapidly creating the large Aposelemis Lake.
    Google map
  • Amariano walk, 25 km, 6 hours, elevation 600 metres.
    Walk to the traditional village of Amariano with its water spring. During the walk you can visit the ancient site of Lyttos and a roman aqueduct.
    Google map
  • Olive walk, 15 km, 3 hours, elevation 50 metres. A walk through the many olive groves. A remote area with a fantastic view of the hotel and the surrounding mountains.

Crete is also famous for its many gorges creating very special walking trails; some wide, some high and others as narrow as 1 meter.
On the south coast you find the most famous gorges such as the Samaria gorge, Kritsa and the Embros gorge. An adventurous gorge for families with teens is the Sarakina gorge.
There are also many nice gorges in the area of the hotel like the Havgas gorge, Aposelemis gorge and Rosas gorge.
The hotel has no guide available to assist you on the hikes.


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The walking and cycling routes are available for free at the Country Hotel in Crete.
The prinos trees or Kermes Oaks are protected trees growing on the land of Country Hotel Velani in Crete, Greece.
View from the paragliding take off above Country Hotel Velani in Avdou
Crete sheep in the midday.
The walking and cycling routes are available for free at the Country Hotel in Crete.
Near the village Avdou in Crete is the Country Hotel Velani located in rural area.
Walk or cycle to the church of Agia Foteini hidden in a cave and the nearby church Agia Anna. Located in the village Avdou.
The walking and cycling routes are available for free at the Country Hotel in Crete.